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The Cautious Cheater

As year after year passes, EPIS cautious cheater investigators, come across cases where the client have either neglected to accept the idea that their spouse is a very alert and aware of infidelity or they have completely underestimated their spouse or lover.

Many of the techniques used by private investigators who concentrate in this type of occupation are known to the cautious cheater. They know how to look for surveillance or a tail when traveling to meet their lover. They will be cautious with their home computer which might be monitored. They know that phone numbers can be traced. This makes it vital that you do not give them any reason to be more watchful or attentive.

From all these years of conducting a cautious cheater investigation, Infidelity Investigation, we have the following list of tips that we think it will advice to cheaters to aid them in keeping their infidelity hidden. Info on the cautious cheater will often do the following

As we all know, internet is the key to future, so where do you think, they will get more information? Sites like, and also, are some web sites that give the cautious cheater advice on how to have an affair and get away with it. Not knowing more about the cautious cheater potential behavior and/or mindset, the better you are equipped to catch them in the act.

The Clever Cheater and the Cautious Cheater

The Cautious Cheater and the clever cheater – We specializes in Business Trip Surveillances on any infidelity investigations. Often a Cautious cheater will commit while away on business trip, due to the convenient and does not have to be a cautious cheater anymore. Usually the Cautious cheater will not be as alert or cautious because there is distance between you and your spouse and the Cautious cheater usually will never suspect that someone will be watching or conducting surveillance or having a private investigator following him or her. We have more success in obtaining proof of a clever cheater while the cheater is “away on business” as we do when the cautious cheater is home. So if you suspect that it might be happening when he/she is on a business trip, Adultery Investigation do not miss the opportunity because it is a “Golden Opportunity” that could be the break that you have been waiting for.

The Cautious Cheater

The obvious signs of infidelity Investigation on the Clever Cheater – The signs the cautious cheater and the clever cheater, or the experienced clever cheater will usually cover up. These are the signs the cautious cheater doesn’t even realize he’s displaying, so there’s no way he can cover them up. Learn how to spot the subtle signs and you’ll catch the clever cheater every time. The Cautious Cheater, they are all very sneaky and clever cheater. The cautious cheater and the clever cheater do make mistakes. Here are some ways you can find out how the cautious cheater and the clever cheater can make a mistake:

  • If at all possible, infidelity investigation check on their credit cards to see if there are any hotel bills that they can’t explain, and on the same duration, if there are any expensive restaurant bills?
  • If at all possible, infidelity investigations check the person’s cell phone and check on any messages you may be able to retrieve.
  • If there any phone calls to the residence and as you answer it is being hanged up.
  • Be careful of calling your partner or spouse a cheater and be absolutely sure and her is why.

The cautious cheater will often do the following

  • The Cautious cheater never meet in a place where they cannot park and walk to someplace legitimate as a cover story. (Example: meet at a hotel with a busy lounge. Go to the bar, have a drink and watch to see if anyone is watching you. If the coast is clear, slip out and into the hotel. Another example: park at an office building next door to the hotel and cut through the building.)
  • The cautious cheater will not usually don’t get involved with someone you (the spouse) know.
  • The cautious cheater is always watching for a tail to see if someone is following them. They make frequent stops and sudden turns and drive extremely slow, just watch traffic.
  • The cautious cheater will never use a credit card.
  • The cautious cheater will cancel the *69 option on the land line telephone.
  • The cautious cheater never store phone numbers in their phone or write them down. If they do write them down, they will do it in a “code” to hide the real number.
  • The cautious cheater usually don’t have caller I.D., or if they do, they will cancel it and switch the cellular telephones to blocked number.
  • The cautious cheater will clear the phone call history regularly.
  • The cautious cheater usually meet at different locations, where the possibility of seeing a co-worker or friends is none.
  • The cautious cheater usually take a shower immediately when returning home or they will cover it up with cologne or exhaust fumes.
  • The cautious cheater tend to change the passwords of the cellular phone more often and also using a pre-paid calling card, so the numbers doesn’t get registered.
  • The cautious cheater might get their friends involved to cover their story.
  • The cautious cheater more smart ones will have the lover page them with a wrong or disconnected number, so a suspicious spouse cannot determine who had called.
  • And the last, the cautious cheater will never admit to anything. They deny everything. Unless you’re caught in the act of having intercourse, deny, deny, deny. Most people are more than happy to live in a state of denial; your SO would rather believe you than admit to herself the terrible truth. So deny as much as is plausible, and then some.

Since every cautious cheater case is unique, we highly recommend that you contact one of our investigators, regarding your situation, so that we could indicate the type of investigation will work best for you. Your call is strictly confidential. Call us at (310) 657-3747, or e-mail us at

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