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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use EPIS to conduct my infidelity or domestic case?
EPIS is a full service agency that specializes in infidelity and domestic related cases. While most firms tend to spend 90% of their time working insurance cases, at EPIS, we spend approximately 95% of our time catching cheating spouses or cheaters in domestic cases. To cover compliance with all local policy, all investigators remain regionally licensed and insured individually. Depending on regional requirements, each private investigator may be licensed and insured individually and may act as a sub-contractor. In other areas they may be regionally licensed as an individual but employed directly as EPIS Inc., staff. Regardless of the technical method of maintaining each EPIS regional agents. All private investigators must meet and maintain EPIS rigid standards of quality. EPIS nationwide services remains focused on getting results one case at a time. EPIS remain in close contact with their clients, offering advice based on our past investigative experiences on Matrimonial Investigation Cases. EPIS utilizes state of the art equipment and experienced investigators to minimize the cost of the investigation. Once EPIS concludes the investigation, a detailed professional report outlining everything that was done on your case on request and also a very detailed billing statement that will outline all the cost associated with the investigation.
How does this work? What would I need to do next?
Once you have decided to retain EPIS for your investigative services, you will need to sign a retainer fee agreement, complete a client contract sheet and pay your retainer by credit card or by mailing a personal check, cashier’s check or money in the amount of the retainer. Once all the paperwork has been completed and we have received the retainer we can help you decide when the best possible time will be to conduct your surveillance. To get the forms needed for your case click here.
Where could EPIS perform surveillances?
To cover compliance with all local policy, all investigators remain regionally licensed and insured individually. Depending on regional requirements, each private investigator may be licensed and insured individually and may act as a sub-contractor. In other areas they may be regionally licensed as an individual but employed directly as EPIS Inc., staff. Regardless of the technical method of maintaining each EPIS regional agents. All private investigators must meet and maintain EPIS rigid standards of quality. EPIS nationwide services remains focused on getting results one case at a time.
What would I get? Pictures or video evidence?
Most clients want pictures or video of the affair. While it is nice to have pictures or video, it certainly is not necessary to prove your case. Most attorneys and Judges require a state licensed private investigator on the stand testifying. Most attorneys will tell you that video evidence is as important as a testimony. Don’t be fooled by firms who guarantee pictures or video. It is very difficult to obtain and sometimes can jeopardize your case if you are seen videotaping. We treat every case differently to make every effort possible to obtain video!
Would EPIS guarantee the results?
Unfortunately NO firm can guarantee the results. It is impossible to predict what the outcome of the investigation might be. We certainly can give you some ideas based on our past experience on our investigation cases, but there is no way to guarantee the results! EPIS never make a promise which can’t be kept!
I tried to do the surveillance myself. Can EPIS help me now?
Unfortunately many people try to do their own investigations. If you try to do the investigation yourself, you stand a very good chance of burning it. Once the Subject knows he/she is under investigation, you can usually give it up. In some states you could also be arrested for stalking! It is better to invest the money with a reputable private investigator that specializes in matrimonial domestic cases and have it done professionally the first time. In most cases judges will dismiss any evidence that is gathered by a none licensed individual, a friend or someone directly related to you. The judge will hold a lot more weight to evidence that is gathered by an experienced licensed private investigator.
My lawyer says I don’t need a private investigator. Can he handle everything?
In some circumstance the services of a private investigator is not needed. However if you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating, you need evidence to prove it. Attorneys are not investigators and do not gather evidence. They simply submit the evidence. When one party of a civil domestic suit has evidence collected by a licensed private investigator it removes the “he said” “she said” out of the court room. This generally will make an out of court settlement more likely and save you a considerable amount of time and money. EPIS will never conduct an investigation that would not be beneficial to your case. If you need assistance in determining if our services will benefit you, please contact us on our toll free number.
Can I record my spouse conversations? Can EPIS tap my phone?
It is legal to tape conversations in some states as long as one party to the conversation has knowledge. For Example: In all states it is illegal to tap a phone or intercept a conversation between two other people when you are not a party to that conversation. EPIS will not record any conversations or gather any audio evidence unless authorized by court.
What if my spouse or partner leaves the state?
Most states have reciprocal agreements allowing private investigators to follow individuals in another state as long as the case originated in the investigator’s home state. When your spouse or partner leaves the state to meet the person their cheating with, EPIS will utilize one of their regional licensed and insured investigators as a sub-contractor to work your case, no matter where he/she travels to at no additional cost to you. (International cases may cost more)
What if EPIS loses the subject while on surveillance?
Conducting mobile surveillance on any vehicle, especially in a congested area’s is very difficult. There are times when EPIS investigators may lose the person that we were watching. At times, it may be necessary to stop following the subject that we are investigating. Sometimes there are those individuals who we are conducting surveillance on are looking over their shoulder and being extremely alert, to see if anyone is watching or following them. An experienced investigator will never continue to follow someone who is trying to determine if they are being followed. Remember you can always go back with a different vehicle/investigator, but not if you get burned!
How much will this cost me?
There is no way to determine the exact cost of any domestic investigation. There are too many circumstances to consider when conducting a domestic investigation. Majority of private investigation firms will not give you an estimate, but at EPIS, we specialize in these types of cases and work them on a continual basis. Once you have answered a few of our important questions, we will be able to give an estimate cost of the investigation!

Reasons that >EPIS is known to complete cases quicker and cheaper than other PI firms:

Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc. only uses licensed, insured and bonded private investigators to conduct the investigation. It has been proven that experienced investigators are more likely to gather the evidence you need in a shorter period of time
  • EPIS maintains contact with the clients during all surveillance cases, to ensure that a need remains for us to be there. Sometimes there is no need to continue surveillance when the person we are watching is obviously not doing anything during the surveillance. Instead of using up your retainer, we will recommend the surveillance on another day or time!
  • EPIS will make recommendations based on the results, if it seems feasible to terminate the surveillance. The final decision must be made by the client.
  • EPIS specialize in infidelity domestic cases. Most private investigative firms specialize in insurance fraud. It is usually easier and steadier work than domestic cases. Adjusters/attorneys unlike spouses/partners are not emotionally involved with the cases. Therefore the investigator has less to deal with. At >EPIS the majority of our cases are domestic related. If you have to see a family/divorce therapist, would you go to a regular therapist that does not have experience in family therapy? Don’t make the mistake of getting someone who is not experienced with working domestic cases.
  • EPIS has over 20 years of solid experience in all types of domestic investigation. We conduct an activity check or gather evidence through our sophisticated database research to eliminate the need of lengthy unnecessary surveillance.
The bottom line is not how much you pay by the hour, but how much you pay at the end. At EPIS, we are not the cheapest licensed private investigation firm, but we generally close cases in a shorter period of time, saving you sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars. You get what you pay for!
Could one of my relatives do the surveillance?
In most states, it is illegal to investigate or conduct surveillance on anyone without a private investigations license. In some states, if a relative and or friend conduct the investigation, there is a chance that they could get arrested for stalking. Most courts frown upon family members and or friends conducting surveillance or investigations. Would you have one of your family members or friends represent you in court, if they are not an attorney? Then why let them try to be a private investigator?
Do I already have enough to prove that my spouse or partner is cheating on me?
Many times clients believe that they already have enough evidence to prove that their spouse is cheating. Unfortunately most of the time, they may have enough to prove in their mind that they are cheating, but not enough to prove it in court. If you are not 100% sure of having enough evidence on your spouse committing adultery, contact us on our toll free number for a free consultation.
My spouse or partner controls all the money. How can I pay EPIS for the service?
Many times clients are stay at home partners or have partners who control the finances for the family. It is sometimes difficult to pay retainer fees without the partner finding out. At EPIS, we will make sure that we can work with you on those circumstances, how to pay for the retainer. Under these circumstances, we suggest that you borrow the money from a family member, co-worker or a close friend and once the investigation is completed, you have the evidence you need, then you repay the person who you borrowed from.
I confronted my spouse/partner with evidence of cheating on me. Can EPIS continue to investigate or conduct surveillance?
EPIS will look at all circumstances and situations before conducting any domestic surveillance. In most cases, the investigation will be conducted using two investigators and or additional resources. From our experiences, we do not advise our clients to confront their spouse or partner with any evidence that may have. Never mention or indicate that you will hire a private investigator!

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I highly recommend Mike and Empire Pacific Investigative Services. They are true professionals and the only ones I will contact should the need arise! The attention to detail is second to none!

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I was very satisfied with the professional help That Empire Pacific gave me in handling my case. His information was timely and to the point. I would highly recommend him for any and all investigative assistance. He is the best!

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Great Service. I am so happy I founded this company. They helped me out in my time of need.

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I was happy with the service provided. I had quick updates as the matter went forward and I would say five stars of service

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We have used Empire Pacific Investigative Services for three decades. Their work is exemplary; reports are perfect and their testimony is very professional, with great judge and jury appeal. We will not use anyone else for our investigations.

Mary H.

It has been my pleasure to work with Empire Pacific Investigative Services over the past 10 plus years on many investigations as well as other security related matters. When I need answers and I need them fast I know that a simple call will get me answers that are succinct, current and coming from a supremely knowledgeable source.

Martyna R.

Your service exceeded all our expectations. You are everything one hopes a true professional in this field of work would be: honest, direct, straightforward, responsive, knowledgeable and lightening fast. We would highly recommend your services to anyone with no hesitation.

Anthony E.

If you are looking for an experienced private investigator in California then you've found it. These P.I.'s know what they are doing. I look forward for the same commitment level in future from these guys.

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