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The Cautious Cheater

Year after year passes, EPIS private investigators, have come across cases where the clients have either neglected to accept the idea that their spouse is a very alert and aware of infidelity or they have completely underestimated their spouse or lover.

Many of the techniques used by our investigators who concentrate on this type of occupation are known to the cheater. They know how to look for surveillance or a tail when traveling to meet their lover. They will be cautious with their home computer which might be monitored. They know that phone numbers can be traced. This makes it vital that you do not give them any reason to be more watchful or attentive.

From all these years of conducting Infidelity Investigation, we have the following list of tips that we think may advise cheaters to aid them in keeping their infidelity hidden.

The clever cheaters will often do the following:

  • Never meet in a place where they cannot park and walk to someplace legitimate as a cover story.
  • They usually don’t get involved with someone you (the spouse) know.
  • They are always watching for a tail to see if someone is following them. They make frequent stops and sudden turns and drive extremely slowly, just watch the traffic.
  • Never use a credit card.
  • Cancel the *69 option on the landline telephone.
  • Never store phone numbers in their phone or write them down. If they do write them down, they will do it in a “code” to hide the real number.
  • They usually don’t have caller I.D., or if they do, they will cancel it and switch the cellular telephones to a blocked number.
  • They will clear the phone call history regularly.
  • They usually meet at different locations, where the possibility of seeing a co-worker or friends is none.
  • They usually take a shower immediately when returning home or they will cover it up with cologne or exhaust fumes.
  • They tend to change the passwords of the cellular phone more often and also use a pre-paid calling card, so the number doesn’t get registered.
  • They might get their friends involved to cover their story.
  • The more smart ones will have the lover page them with a wrong or disconnected number, so a suspicious spouse cannot determine who had called.
  • And the last, they will never admit to anything. They deny everything. Unless you’re caught in the act of having intercourse, deny, deny, deny. Most people are more than happy to live in a state of denial; SO would rather believe you than admit to themselves the terrible truth. So deny as much as is plausible, and then some.

Signs of the Cautious Cheater

  • On any infidelity investigation, the clever cheater or the cautious cheater will wonder if their spouse or partner will begin to look for the signs that he or she is having an affair. Even the most clever cheater will leave a trail. Don’t immediately confront the cautious cheater, as they will likely deny everything and clean up their act. Instead, become aware of these tell-tale signs.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater will become far more attentive to their physical appearance, dressing up more when they go out or exercising more.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater will become unusually defensive, especially when you mention infidelity or affairs. This is a sign of underlying guilt.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater or the clever cheater, when he or she is on the phone or the internet, the cautious cheater is secretive. The cautious cheater will whisper or hang up on the phone. The cautious cheater will close browser windows when you approach. The history on a cell phone or browser is frequently cleared.
  • On any infidelity investigation, you will catch the clever cheater telling lies about small things. One crack in the honesty bubble can lead to more cracks.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater seems distracted or loses interest in usual daily activities.
    On any infidelity investigation, the clever cheater will work longer hours or has more things to do without you than normal.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater will suddenly take up new hobbies or expresses interest in new subjects or activities.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the sex life changes dramatically. There is an unexplained increase or decrease in sex, as the clever cheater will make unusual requests.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater will take more showers or do more laundry immediately when getting home.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the credit card statements show purchases of gifts, dinners, or trips that you did not know about.

Infidelity Investigation

According to the dictionary Infidelity is a violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of an intimate relationship.

What constitutes a significant-enough breach of such a relationship to be considered infidelity or clever cheating depends on the nature of the relationship. Whether the relationship is or has been understood by the partners to be monogamous or, by contrast, whether the relationship is defined as open, in which case the question of the person having “cheated” may be open to dispute between the partners. In general, though, by default, most committed relationships involving sex that have not involved discussion of the permissibility of other partners are automatically assumed monogamous, and breach of that commitment induces emotional pain and problems in the relationship. “Cheating” is generally understood to be a blatant violation of the implicit good faith contract of a typical sexually-intimate relationship, a betrayal of core shared values with which the integrity and nature of the relationship is defined, sometimes even if the actions undertaken while “cheating” are not technically sexual in nature (for example, a man being emotionally intimate with a woman who is not his girlfriend, or French kissing her).

Sexual infidelity refers to sexual activity with someone other than the partner to which one is committed. Sexual infidelity in marriage is called adultery, philander or an affair, while in other interpersonal relationships, it may be called “cheating”.

All too often, an infidelity investigation is only the beginning. After an infidelity investigation, our clients often find themselves involved in a custody battle. Another common post-divorce investigation is for co-habitation. We provide alimony and child custody investigations to our residents and rely on them for important courtroom evidence.
Infidelity Investigation, we specialize in domestic investigations and clever cheater types of cases. Often the cautious cheater will commit adultery while away on business because it is convenient and easier and does not have to be the cautious cheater. Usually, the cautious cheater will not be as alert or cautious because there is distance between you and your spouse and the cautious cheater usually will never suspect that someone will be watching or conducting surveillance or having a private investigator following him or her.

By conducting an infidelity investigation, it has been proved that when we have been retained on a clever cheater case, our success in obtaining proof of the cautious cheater while the clever cheater is “away on business” or “out of town” has been a lot higher than while they are at their normal surroundings. Our private investigators call it, the smoking gun video.

This means that if you decide to retain an infidelity investigation, you will need to discipline yourself to share it with no one at all. Never act rashly even when there are clear indications that your partner is indeed cheating on you. If you are taking an infidelity investigation, you need to be able to get concrete evidence that cannot be disputed before you take any steps. As difficult as it may be, you will need to hold the secret close to your heart.

Infidelity Investigation Not Just About Video Surveillance. In the vast majority of cases, clients initiating an infidelity investigation want to see video surveillance proof of what they already suspect to be happening. Now nobody really wants to walk into some private investigation firm and ask someone to monitor the movements and activities of their lover because they suspect cheating. But sometimes, the signs just start to add up to one logical conclusion. You may want to initiate an infidelity investigation if several of the following signs begin to appear in your relationship:

An Overview of Infidelity Investigation and clever cheater

  • What are an Infidelity investigation and clever cheater?
  • Is Infidelity Investigation legal?
  • What if I am wrong?
  • Who does the domestic plan established?
  • How are the fees charged for Infidelity investigation?
  • How is the Infidelity investigation plan established?
  • How many investigators are used on an Infidelity investigation case?
  • What do I do once the surveillance is set up?
  • How do you follow someone?
  • Will the subject find out that they are being watched?
  • What evidence will I receive at the conclusion?
What is an Infidelity investigation and clever cheater surveillance?
The word surveillance is French, literally means “watching over”, the term is often used for “Close observation or monitoring of a person or group, especially one under suspicion. Infidelity Investigation is the monitoring the behavior of people. Monitoring could involve wives, husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends. Following an individual or tailing someone or a subject is the technique, where investigators are assigned to infidelity cases to follow a suspected cheater to document their activity and to determine the nature or location of that activity. These activities are usually documented on videotapes.
Is infidelity investigation and clever cheater surveillance legal?
The law does not prohibit surveillance. There is no general right to privacy from observations. An agent sitting in a car outside a home watching others and video recording or photographing their activities is not committing an offense, even if the subject is on their private land. In fact, any citizen may conduct surveillance, provided they do not charge for their services, as charging requires an investigator’s license. Similarly, there is no law to prohibit mobile surveillance where a subject is followed via foot, car or public transport unless one has conducted the “Invasion of Privacy”. Invasion of Privacy is a crime usually involving video monitoring and/or recording of bedroom, bathroom, or clothes changing areas (i.e. locker rooms). EPIS investigators do not condone the potential misuse or abuse of the system, which we proudly carry to help people. We conduct surveillance and covert video because it’s often the only way to capture evidence of serious wrongdoing. In a day and age where even eyewitness testimony is often unreliable, video evidence is often the ONLY recourse to hold people responsible for their misdeeds against others.
What if I am wrong?
While conducting surveillance and there is no wrongdoing on the subject’s behavior or the cheater, you the client have gained peace of mind about the person being investigated.
How are the fees charged for Infidelity investigation and clever cheater surveillance?
Infidelity investigation and clever cheater surveillance are billed on an hourly basis plus a mileage charge and any other charges that might come up. Fees are primarily charged as time and mileage traveled. It is usually a mobile activity, and investigators will charge by the distance, including from the office to the job, as well as for any movement that occurs during the surveillance. EPIS has a minimum of five hours on site for any Infidelity investigation and clever cheater surveillance, regardless of the activity that occurs. The clock starts for the surveillance job when the agent leaves the office and finishes when the investigator returns to the office. Surveillance is charged by the miles, from door to door.
Who does the domestic plan established?
A well-planned surveillance could save more time and money. At EPIS, when the clients come to us, we make sure that our clients give as much information about the subject as possible. Because you the client know more about the person’s behavior than we ever will, we rely on the client’s information, such as his daily activity, places he/she visits, the type of vehicle he/she drives, what they like to do when not working or on their spare time. By gathering this information and conducting an activity check before the surveillance, our agents will have a better view on when and how the surveillance should be conducted.
How many investigators are used on an Infidelity Investigation surveillance case on the cautious cheater?
On a daily normal case, we use one agent to conduct surveillance. In more difficult and complicated cases, such as high profile individuals, difficult situations such as multiple exits or being in a high congested traffic and signal areas, or having aggressive driving behavior and being extra cautious always watching the rear view mirror and making sudden u-turns, we will use two or more agents.
What do I do once the surveillance is set up?
Once the surveillance has started, you the client must continue your daily routine activity. It is important that you do not act differently, ask any questions regarding his activity, or alert the subject.
How do you follow someone?
Conducting mobile surveillance is an art. It all depends on the area and the circumstances. There are cases that the agent must follow a few cars or sometimes directly behind the subject without any suspicion and not get burned. There are cases, where mobile surveillance is conducted from a long distance away.
Will the subject find out that they are being watched?
All of our investigations are 100% confidential. If at any point, the investigation is threatened, or the subject has become more suspicious, we back off and re-evaluate with your input. One important point: Never threaten to hire an investigator. This will make the suspected cheater even more difficult to watch. If you have done this, be sure to tell us ahead of time so we can prepare.
What evidence will I receive at the conclusion?
Conducting domestic surveillance consists of the videotape of the activities and surveillance report which details all the activity in writing. Both are submitted to you, or if you wish we can maintain them for you.

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