Cheating Client / Stories / Case studies

Not too long ago, we were approached by a mid age male that had just got married and suspected his new bride of cheating on him with his best friend.  This client was so deeply involved in this case, that it was making him ill with the worries about weather if she was actually cheating or not. Thereafter, checking with different P.I. firms, he approached Empire Pacific Investigative Services, Inc., and retained our services for spousal surveillance.

At first, we sat down with the client and retrieved all the evidence and the suspicions that he had on her. We noticed that he did have a valid reason to suspect his wife cheating on him. Some of these red flags were so obvious right down to the most discreet and some which were almost invisible.

Client Mr. X did respond to our questioners, where it let us think that this has been going on for a period of time. One of the biggest red flags, we noticed was that every time her cellular telephone rang, she would move into the other room or she would step outside toward the porch area. Some of the other red flags were showering each time returning from her late meetings, the strange patterns which client could not understand at first, but by the end of the case it all came clear.

After all of these, we suggested our client to take a business trip or come up with some type of reason to leave town for several days, so we can have his wife placed under surveillance.

As the client leaves town, surveillance was conducted from the early morning hours at the residence.

To give the readers some information on the suspected cheating spouse.  She had her own business, where her work hours were flexible and she did not have to be at the office at all times.  This means, in an out at any time, long lunch time and as she claimed going to the gym after closing time. She also had an Italian sports car and was known of her driving behavior of speeding and driving recklessly. This makes the agent's job harder, but with advanced knowledge, we made allowances and preparations for this.

Now, the surveillance part;

EPIS agents had her followed to her place of business on day one in the morning hours. Shortly after, she departed to a nearby high end restaurant, where she was observed and videotaped having breakfast with the male suspect. Covert video was obtained. Shortly after, she returned to her business and remained until closing time.

Our agents were able to track all of her movement and activities throughout the entire time. Later in the evening hour, investigator's followed the wife leaving the residence around 8:30 p.m., where she meets the same male individual earlier in the morning. She then entered his vehicle and departed to a nice restaurant.

They remained at the restaurant for over an hour, having several drinks and getting more romantic with each other.  Once again, EPIS agents were able to obtain cover video in the restaurant as they kissed each other and had a romantic dinner.  The balance of the evening, investigators followed the wife and the suspect back to his place of residence, where they remained for the balance of the night.

The following day, EPIS investigator started the surveillance at the suspect's residence.  The wife was observed exiting the residence as they hugged and kissed each other before saying good buy.  We then followed the wife back to her house where he remained out of view for two hours.  She then drove back to her business.  Later in the afternoon, she left work early and returned to her residence.  Investigators remained at the residence and took up their surveillance position.

Now this is where it gets more interesting;

Later in the evening hours, investigators observed an unidentified male individual driving a black Bentley parking in front of the residence. We later noticed the wife exiting with a nice black dress.  Investigators followed the Bentley for a period before arriving at a high end restaurant.  They remained at the restaurant before heading to a nearby Hotel. Once again, covert video and videotape of the wife and male individual was obtained.

A routine telephone call to the client was made. At this time, the client was extremely upset did not believe what was going on. Just like everyone they always want to know what hotel and were. For the safety we do not give this information out until later time. Client then wanted EPIS to conduct a detail Background check on this individual.

Surveillance remained until early morning hours, as the unidentified male individual drove the wife back to her vehicle. Our agents decided to follow the male individual to verify his place of residence.

The following day, after conducting a background check on the male individual driving the Bentley, investigators noticed that the male individual was one of the wife larges purchasing clients.

The following day, as the client was returning to town, the wife performed her normal daily routine by going to work, staying at work and returning to his husband as everything was normal.

This is some of our typical spousal surveillances.