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Signs of Infidelity

While there are a number of signs that can cause a husband or wife to suspect that his or her spouse is cheating, many of the confirmed cases have resulted from a husband or wife moving forward on a hunch or gut feeling. When two people are immersed in each other’s lives, they begin to develop an intuitive connection. As a result, one of the first signs of infidelity occurs when a person has an unsettling suspicion that his or her spouse is cheating.

While these troubled feelings act as one of the first indications of infidelity, other signs begin to follow. The cheating husband or wife begins to stay away from home for extended hours. Much of that person’s time spent away is an unexplained mystery. The cheating spouse becomes secretive and no longer shares the details of his or her day, or becomes defensive when asked to share in normal discussions. All of these signs generally point to one upsetting explanation.

If your husband or wife is protective of cell phone records or leaves the room to make phone calls, ask yourself the fundamental question of whether or not you trust him or her anymore. If you find that you are easily suspicious or distrustful of his or her explanations, it is time to seek professional help. There are a number of agencies that specialize in confirming your spouse’s innocence or guilt and can help recommend counselors to work with you through these issues.

If you feel that your husband or wife is showing signs of infidelity, chances are that you will not be able to feel trust until you have evidence to support either verdict. As scary as the truth may be, you owe it to yourself to remain empowered. Find a resource on infidelity that can help you work through these troubling issues and move towards a resolution. Here are some warning signs that your spouse could be cheating on you.

  • On any infidelity investigation, the cheater will wonder if their spouse or partner will begin to look for the signs that he or she is having an affair. Even the most cheaters will leave a trail. Don’t immediately confront the cheater, as they will likely deny everything and clean up their act. Instead, become aware of these tell-tale signs.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater will become far more attentive to their physical appearance, dressing up more when they go out or exercising more.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater will become unusually defensive, especially when you mention infidelity or affairs. This is a sign of underlying guilt.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater or the clever cheater, when he or she is on the phone or the internet, the cautious cheater is secretive. The cautious cheater will whisper or hang up on the phone. The cautious cheater will close browser windows when you approach. The history on a cell phone or browser is frequently cleared.
  • On any infidelity investigation, you will catch the clever cheater telling lies about small things. One crack in the honesty bubble can lead to more cracks.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater seems distracted or loses interest in usual daily activities.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the clever cheater will work longer hours or has more things to do without you than normal.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater will suddenly take up new hobbies or expresses interest in new subjects or activities.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the sex life changes dramatically. There is an unexplained increase or decrease in sex, as the clever cheater will make unusual requests.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the cautious cheater will take more showers or do more laundry immediately when getting home.
  • On any infidelity investigation, the credit card statements show purchases of gifts, dinners, or trips that you did not know about.

Infidelity Investigation

According to the dictionary, Infidelity is a violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of an intimate relationship.

What constitutes a significant-enough breach of such a relationship to be considered infidelity or clever cheating depends on the nature of the relationship. Whether the relationship is or has been understood by the partners to be monogamous or, by contrast, whether the relationship is defined as open, in which case the question of the person having “cheated” may be open to dispute between the partners. In general, though, by default, most committed relationships involving sex that have not involved discussion of the permissibility of other partners are automatically assumed monogamous, and breach of that commitment induces emotional pain and problems in the relationship. “Cheating” is generally understood to be a blatant violation of the implicit good faith contract of a typical sexually-intimate relationship, a betrayal of core shared values with which the integrity and nature of the relationship is defined, sometimes even if the actions undertaken while “cheating” are not technically sexual in nature (for example, a man being emotionally intimate with a woman who is not his girlfriend, or French kissing her). Sexual infidelity refers to sexual activity with someone other than the partner to which one is committed. Sexual infidelity in marriage is called adultery, philander or an affair, while in other interpersonal relationships, it may be called “cheating”.

All too often, an infidelity investigation is only the beginning. After an infidelity investigation, our clients often find themselves involved in a custody battle. Another common post-divorce investigation is for co-habitation. We provide alimony and child custody investigations to our residents and rely on them for important courtroom evidence.

Infidelity Investigation, we specialize in domestic investigation and clever cheater types of cases. Often the cautious cheater will commit adultery while away on business because it is convenient and easier and does not have to be the cautious cheater. Usually, the cautious cheater will not be as alert or cautious because there is distance between you and your spouse and the cautious cheater usually will never suspect that someone will be watching or conducting surveillance or having a private investigator following him or her.

By conducting an infidelity investigation, it has been proved that when we have been retained on a clever cheater case, our success in obtaining proof of the cautious cheater while the clever cheater is “away on business” or “out of town” has been a lot higher than while they are at their normal surroundings. Our private investigators call it, the smoking gun video.

This means that if you decide to retain an infidelity investigation, you will need to discipline yourself to share it with no one at all. Never act rashly even when there are clear indications that your partner is indeed cheating on you. If you are taking an infidelity investigation, you need to be able to get concrete evidence that cannot be disputed before you take any steps. As difficult as it may be, you will need to hold the secret close to your heart.

Infidelity Investigation Not Just About Video Surveillance. In the vast majority of cases, clients initiating an infidelity investigation want to see video surveillance proof of what they already suspect to be happening. Now nobody really wants to walk into some private investigation firm and ask someone to monitor the movements and activities of their lover because they suspect cheating. But sometimes, the signs just start to add up to one logical conclusion. You may want to initiate an infidelity investigation if several of the following signs begin to appear in your relationship:

An Overview of Infidelity Investigation and clever cheater

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