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Matrimonial / Partner Investigation Specialists

Residing with the willingness of your spouse or partner to be unfaithful can do you more damage than good… Ask one of our seasoned investigators for our free infidelity report, to see if your spouse or partner might be cheating on you!

Do you fear that matrimonial is affecting your marriage and taking over your life? You hoped this would never happen to you, but you are somewhat sure it is. Cheating Spouse / Adultery / Matrimonial, Infidelity, Partner Investigation, is one of the hardest things to swallow in a relationship; but at the same time, you have tremendous doubts and need to find out if your suspicions are correct. Nevertheless, not knowing the truth can lead to untruthful information or otherwise allows your partner to carry on cheating with someone behind your back.

At Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc., we specialize in Matrimonial and Partner Investigations, we sincerely sympathize with your situation, that is why Empire Pacific Investigative Services can help you to quickly eliminate your doubts, restore self-assurance in your marriage or relationship or give you the facts of your situation to take control and help you to decide what further action you may want to take.

Hiring a Private Investigator

At EPIS, Inc., we understand that hiring a Private Investigator to conduct surveillance on a matrimonial or Cheating Spouse case or partner investigation on your Cheating Partner may seem like a big step, but here at Empire Pacific Investigative Services, we specialize in confidentiality and the fragility this requires. We have conducted numerous matrimonial and adultery and cheating spouse cases and helped many people just like you.


Possibly your partner is behaving strangely and not being as open and truthful with you as he or she was before, or maybe they are staying out late, taking more pleasure in their appearance, or just acting cold towards you – whatever the situation may be; you know something is wrong. You might already know your partner is having an affair and you need the evidence to prove it legally.


Being suspicious of your spouse or partner is not a wrong thing, but without having video evidence to support it, it can be very difficult to point to the situation or prove it.  Before confronting, make sure you have solid evidence, a video document, or a written report going along with it, and then confront and accuse your partner, otherwise, you might first not have the chance to catch him or her anymore or might be falsely accusing your partner, who may be innocent, and destroying your relationship.


Are you worried about your spouse or partner, wife or mate?

Are they coming home late without an excuse? Are they being defensive or aggressive or guarding their cellular phone?

Empire Pacific investigators are highly trained and qualified professionals that can confirm your suspicions or achieve your peace of mind. If your partner is cheating WE WILL catch them and provide you with evidence of their matrimonial and infidelity. In some of the cases that we work on the partner is not cheating. But why worry? We are able to set your mind at ease with minimal cost and fuss.

Empire Pacific Investigative Services, have an elite team of over 20 handpicked seasoned private investigators located right across the country with various backgrounds including:

  • Highly Trained and Qualified Private Investigators.
  • Specialists in Matrimonial and Cheating Spouses.
  • Our investigators have personally conducted various training for these types of advanced surveillance techniques.
  • Our skills and services are highly sought after but we believe that they are best used catching cheaters.
  • We offer accurate and affordable investigative services please visit our What We Do page for more information.


Empire Pacific Investigative Services, we do exactly that! We catch cheating spouses and matrimonial cases and that’s ALL we do.

Other investigation companies might offer this as part of their extensive range of services but it’s not their main business or primary function. At Empire Pacific Investigative Services, we focus solely on infidelity and we do not get caught up in any other type of Investigation work.

Highly Trained and Qualified Private Investigators. Specialists in catching Cheating Spouses, Matrimonial, and Signs of Infidelity, through our extensive experience with cheating spouses we have found the following to be signs of a cheating spouse:

  • Matrimonial and Cheating Spouse deletes email messages or opens new email account
  • Matrimonial and Cheating Spouse does not return your phone calls, deletes SMSs and denies receiving phone calls
  • Matrimonial Cheating spouse is often distracted, daydreaming and spending time away from the house
  • If your partner is showing any of these signs why suffer the anguish and pain of not knowing?

Empire Pacific Investigative Services are professional investigators who can either confirm or deny your suspicions.

Whether you are looking for peace of mind or evidence for a future court case Empire Pacific Investigative Services, is ready to help you out!


How we catch cheaters

  • How? Well, that’s our secret! But you can rest assured we will achieve the optimum results and your complete satisfaction, utilizing the latest technology unavailable to the public. You will be surprised with the information we are able to gain and have access to.
  • All Investigators are completely licensed and operate under a strict confidentiality agreement to ensure total privacy. We operate under a total quality management system which requires each of our staff to attend regular training seminars to ensure they are updated on the latest investigative techniques and procedures.
  • All files, documentation video, photos, etc will be returned to you at the end of the job. You receive all originals and we keep nothing on record. We have an extensive network of professional investigators to allow National coverage. We are specialists in our field so be assured if your partner is cheating we WILL catch them.


1. For peace of mind…
A gentleman contacted Empire Pacific Investigative Services, about his attractive wife’s recent interest in attending nightclubs with her girlfriends whilst he was away on work activities. He instructed Empire Pacific Investigative Services, to conduct surveillance on a Saturday night which resulted in investigative operatives attending numerous night clubs throughout the evening.

To our client’s pleasure, we were able to inform him that his wife showed no interest in socializing with males who had attempted to approach her during the night. The client’s wife was more interested in socializing with her female friends and dancing.

2. Confirmation
A female client contacted Empire Pacific Investigative Services and instructed us to conduct surveillance on her ex-husband. The couple had been considering getting back together; however, our client had suspicions that he was presently courting several other women. A period of surveillance was completed. On two separate occasions, a video was exposed of the client’s husband in close intimate relations with different women.

This unfortunate news confirmed our client’s suspicions and enabled her to move on with her life.

3. In the matter of a Divorce

A Gentleman contacted Empire Pacific Investigative Services and informed us that he and his wife were commencing divorce proceedings. Both parties wanted custody of their two children. He instructed us to conduct surveillance on his wife which soon confirmed she had an alcohol and gambling problem. Video evidence was later produced during court proceedings which greatly assisted the judge in determining the custody of the children and various financial settlements.

Empire Pacific Investigative Services PIs were recently sent on a Luxury Cruise Ship to conduct surveillance on a Male Client’s Fiancé who had decided to take a holiday with her three girlfriends before she got married. Our Operatives posed as holidaymakers onboard the Ship whilst keeping a close eye on the subject. Empire Pacific Investigative Services was able to obtain footage with concealed cameras which revealed our subject cheating on our client with various other patrons onboard the ship. This footage and other evidence provided the client with the information he needed to call off the wedding and save himself the turmoil he would experience further down the track if he was to discover this characteristic about his partner after they had been married.

Empire Pacific Investigative Services

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Alberto R.

I highly recommend Mike and Empire Pacific Investigative Services. They are true professionals and the only ones I will contact should the need arise! The attention to detail is second to none!

Maria A.

I was very satisfied with the professional help That Empire Pacific gave me in handling my case. His information was timely and to the point. I would highly recommend him for any and all investigative assistance. He is the best!

Wolfgang R.

Great Service. I am so happy I founded this company. They helped me out in my time of need.

Brittany L.

I was happy with the service provided. I had quick updates as the matter went forward and I would say five stars of service

Thandi M.

We have used Empire Pacific Investigative Services for three decades. Their work is exemplary; reports are perfect and their testimony is very professional, with great judge and jury appeal. We will not use anyone else for our investigations.

Mary H.

It has been my pleasure to work with Empire Pacific Investigative Services over the past 10 plus years on many investigations as well as other security related matters. When I need answers and I need them fast I know that a simple call will get me answers that are succinct, current and coming from a supremely knowledgeable source.

Martyna R.

Your service exceeded all our expectations. You are everything one hopes a true professional in this field of work would be: honest, direct, straightforward, responsive, knowledgeable and lightening fast. We would highly recommend your services to anyone with no hesitation.

Anthony E.

If you are looking for an experienced private investigator in California then you've found it. These P.I.'s know what they are doing. I look forward for the same commitment level in future from these guys.

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