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Internet Dating Investigation

with internet dating, we all know that finding love on the Internet can be risky. It is very important to never reveal your true identity to anyone whom you do not know; even if you think that you can trust someone. Utilizing the services of a Private Investigator can help you determine the true identity of a person. Much like background investigations, a private investigator can guide you to the types of investigations needed to help you determine the person’s honesty and integrity.

It has come to our attention that scam artists, predators, and rapists of the world prey on those persons who surf the internet on various self-help sites; they particularly prey on persons who display loneliness and despair. Once the scam artist has gained your trust, they will offer a meeting or make one think that they are having financial or health problems; hence asking or you offering them money.

If you have found yourself in this position and have begun to wonder what is happening, then it is imperative that you hire the services of a private investigator to protect yourself, your family and your personal data.

Internet Dating Investigators

EPIS – Internet Dating Investigation services, we will investigate any case which would help our clients to conduct a due diligence investigation on those individuals that allege to be somebody else, not married or presenting themselves as a different individual or being wealthy. If you believe a person that you have been seeing is committing fraud or adultery, make sure you contact one of our Internet dating investigators.

Internet dating investigators can help you get to the bottom of these claims and find out whether or not the person is being truthful. If you suspect deception or have had reports of these false allegations, internet dating private investigators will help you. Let our seasoned internet dating private investigators handle this matter for you and potentially save you thousands of dollars. Give our internet dating private investigation services a call today for free quotes on our internet dating services at (310) 657-3747


Internet dating investigation for Identity Check, Adultery Investigation Internet Fraud and Scam Detection. You’ve met someone online or on one of the internet dating pages and commenced the “getting to know” him/her better. Internet Dating Investigation is a sub-division of Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc, a professional private investigation company based in the U.S. specializing in Internet dating investigation, internet dating background check and other internet dating investigative services.  Internet Dating Investigation can help you with those individuals that allege to be someone else.

Watch out for internet dating scammers. Internet dating scammers and Internet dating Fraud come in all shapes. Internet dating scammers begin on well known sites, such as Facebook, internet dating eHarmony or internet dating Internet dating criminals are using more clever techniques, which makes it more difficult to detect who the real person is and who is the criminal. Who wants to steal your money, and who is truly interested in a relationship?
Researchers have indicated up to 30% of those people using internet dating services are married. This search is for people that suspect their partner is having an internet dating affair. Internet dating affairs have increased due to the expansion of online services. Your spouse may think, you will not know they are registered at internet dating and having an affair. With our adultery internet dating investigation search, you can have “peace of mind”.

Internet Dating Investigation can help you get to the bottom of these claims and find out whether or not the person is being truthful.  If you suspect fraud or have had reports of these false allegations, Adultery Investigation hire our internet dating investigation services to help you. Let our seasoned internet dating investigation agents handle this matter for you and potentially save you thousands of dollars. Internet dating and long-distance internet relationships symbolize a greater risk than ever, Adultery Investigation and this is one industry that is booming in the bad economy. Fraud and scam operations around the globe, Adultery Investigation especially in nations such as Nigeria and Ghana, Adultery Investigation but also in new areas defined by internet dating scammers, Adultery Investigation such as Malaysia and the U.K., Adultery Investigation are reporting high incidents of online scammers.

Internet Dating Background Check – Due Diligence Investigations

As we all know that you can easily write about yourself and become someone else and make it sound beautiful on the Internet. According to Scientific American, in internet dating, more than 90 percent of people lie in their internet dating profiles are false information.

Our internet dating background check will work closely with you the client to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of an internet scammer. Please visit our database research page or our background investigation page for more details.
Investigation Includes:

  • Dating Sites
  • Swinger Sites
  • Social Networks
  • Escort Service Sites
  • Porn Sites
  • Cam Sites
  • Locate their exact ad
  • Make contact
  • Attempt to exchange phone numbers
  • Attempt to exchange intimate photos

Philippines Internet Dating Investigation

Based on our US Managing Partner, internet dating investigator Mike Hakimi has indicated, with current technology and fast pace internet dating services, there has been a sharp rise in the reported number of internet dating scams affecting clients from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. The risk from romance scams and internet dating fraud involving the Philippines is greater than ever. EPIS – Mike Hakimi reports that background checks and private investigations for internet dating scams are up 30% over 2009 levels, and investigators urge consumers to proceed with caution in romantic relationships involving any internet dating especially in the Philippines.

EPIS clients approach us with their worries and doubts about their internet bride, girlfriend, boyfriend, and internet dating pen-pal.  You the client owe yourself to hire our internet dating investigation to uncover the truth and protect your money, family and dignity. Philippines dating scams and internet dating fraud are booming according to private investigators Mike Hakimi in Beverly Hills, California branch office.

Investigator Mike Hakimi expects to report an annual growth rate of 25% for 2011 primarily due to the increase in background checks and surveillance services resulting from internet dating love scam cases. The Philippines, Ukraine and Russia are high-risk zones and are all at high levels, where we recommend our clients to take extra precautions.

Red Alert: Internet Dating Scams

  • Do you have a pen-pal, a friend that you found from Facebook or a fiancée living in a foreign country?
  • Do you have concerns about the person that you mate over the internet, about their truthfulness, presence and authenticity?
  • How can you be certain that your internet friend is not involved in a relationship currently or elsewhere?
  • How can you be certain the motivations of your internet dating friend is truthful and honorable? Or is it just an internet dating bride scam?

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