Importance of the Confidential Consultation

At EPIS we are committed to helping our clients get the proof they need at a price they can afford. That said, each cheating spouse investigation is unique and your participation in the planning stage is necessary to maximize results with minimum costs.

We want you to fully understand our investigative plans so that you are comfortable and confident. The investigative plans will be developed based off the information that you provide us and will cover the expected number of investigators, extent of surveillance and equipment needed, as well as any background checks needed. We will take you through the procedures we follow, how we can most effectively handle your investigation, and address all of your concerns. Without this information we simply cannot be as effective, the more information provided by you, the better.

Your input in the planning process is extremely important, mostly because extensive surveillance is almost always a requirement in cheating spouse investigations, which can take weeks and have extensive costs involved. Your input and the utilization of technology can help alleviate the costs of surveillance and maximize the investigation - surveillance alone is simply not an effective use of resources due to a typical cheater's randomness and infrequent meetings.

Preparing for your Confidential Consultation

Before we begin an infidelity investigation on your behalf, we will have detailed discussions with you concerning your suspicions, significant other's habits, evidence you may have access to such as bank/credit statements, cell phone bills, vehicles, descriptions, pictures, schedule, etc. We understand it can be embarrassing, stressful and emotionally difficult to discuss these things in great detail, however, it is important that you understand that the more information you are able to provide, the better. Without it, we simply cannot be as effective. Complete and detailed information provided by you helps us maximize results, while keeping costs to a minimum.

  • Please be prepared to discuss the following items in your consultation:
  • The current state of your relationship with the subject.
  • How long have you suspected something going on?
  • What signs of cheating have you noticed?
  • Do you suspect someone specific they may be seeing?
  • What have you done so far on your own?
  • Have you had a prior investigation conducted?
  • What are you expecting us to find out?
  • What are the subject's typical habits?
  • Are children involved?
  • Employment information.
  • When is the best time to start our investigation?