Adultery Private Investigations

EPIS is known to complete cases quicker and cheaper:

Adultery Private Investigations is a sub-division of Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc., only uses licensed, insured and bonded private investigators to conduct the investigation. It has been proven that experienced investigators are more likely to gather the evidence you need in a shorter period of time.

  • Adultery Private Investigations maintains contact with the clients during all surveillance cases, to ensure that a need remains for us to be there. Sometimes there is no need to continue surveillance when the person we are watching is obviously not doing anything during the surveillance.Instead of using up your retainer, we will recommend the surveillance on another day or time!
  • Adultery Private Investigations will make recommendations based on the results, if it seems feasible to terminate the surveillance. The final decision must be made by the client.
  • Adultery Private Investigations specialize in infidelity domestic cases. Most private investigative firms specialize in insurance fraud. It is usually easier and steadier work than domestic cases. Adjusters/attorneys unlike spouses/partners are not emotionally involved with the cases. Therefore the investigator has less to deal with. At EPIS the majority of our cases are domestic related. If you have to see a family/divorce therapist, would you go to a regular therapist that does not have experience in family therapy? Don't make the mistake of getting someone who is not experienced with working domestic cases.
  • Adultery Private Investigations has over 20 years of solid experience in all types of domestic investigation. We conduct an activity check or gather evidence through our sophisticated database research to eliminate the need of lengthy unnecessary surveillance.

The bottom line is not how much you pay by the hour, but how much you pay at the end. At Adultery Private Investigations, we are not the cheapest licensed private investigation firm, but we generally close cases in a shorter period of time, saving you sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars. You get what you pay for!