How To Catch A Cheat

Catch Suspect Adultery - Cheating Partner in Los Angeles

Catch suspect adultery and cheating partner in Los Angeles : If you suspect adultery and your partner of having an affair, there is usually some reasoning behind the suspicion, even if it is just a gut feeling that something is wrong.  Based on our experiences, it is better not to confront a suspected cheat directly unless you have some proof: if your suspicion is unfounded, this scenario can build distrust; if there is something to hide; chances are the suspicious party will lie, and then try harder to hide their mischievous ways! But that doesn't mean you can't ask indirectly; there could well be a reasonable answer to your questions.
Catch Suspect Adultery - Surprises and Gifts Cost Money
With no self-respect cheaters will attempt to impress the lover with a cheap token of their affection. Cheating partner in Los Angeles will spend whatever amount he/she deems necessary to buy a decent gift. The more impressive the present, the more money it will cost. And you can usually find evidence of his spending somewhere, by keeping a close look at the card activities or the receipts.
Catch Suspect Adultery - How to Find the Paper Trail

If your husband or wife does not pay cash for his lover's gifts, they'll pay by check or use a Credit card. Whatever method they choose, there is usually paper trail. Check the bank statements, if you have access to them. Have there been any suspicious withdrawals from your bank accounts? Are there any canceled checks for large amounts made out to "cash"? Take a really close look at the time period shortly before or after Christmas or Valentine's Day.
Closely examine each of your husband's or wife's ATM withdrawal slips. Are there any large, unexplained ATM withdrawals? Read the information on each ATM slip. Is there anything unusual about the time, place or amount of the withdrawals?
Pay close attention to their credit card bills. Especially those holiday months like, December, January and February when Hanukah & Christmas or Valentine's Day charges are likely to show up. Any unusual charges made at jewelry stores, specialty stores, or boutiques, florists, day spas, restaurants etc. could be evidence of gifts bought for his lover.
What about actual charge slips or store receipts? They tend to be careless about these things. Check in their wallet, their pockets, backpack, briefcase and desk or dresser drawers. If you find evidence of gift items you didn't personally receive, that should raise a red flag in your mind. If your husband or wife didn't give these gifts to you, who did they gave them to?

Catch Suspect Adultery - Computers and Text messaging

One of most important single steps that we ask our clients is, if you suspect adultery or your spouse having an affair is to protect the data on his or her personal computer(s). Our investigators have noticed in past that the boldness and specificity straying spouses or partner use in their online communications. People who would never dream of hinting in a written note that they are unfaithful may write long, passionate e-mails or carry on torrid IM interchanges spelling out in vivid detail what they have done, imagine doing, and plan to do with their paramour. You probably can't penetrate all the security and read these messages yourself, and we highly don't suggest you doing that without utilizing our computer forensic investigators. Your task is to capture a snapshot of your spouse's computer. Then later, our expert trained computer forensic investigator's will take care of the rest, things that was previously deleted, where needed to be analyzed contents in an hard drive and places and locations that they have been visiting in cyber space.

If you suspect the behavior is ongoing, you may consider installing some kind of key logging software that will capture every keystroke your spouse types. This may be the only way to preserve instant messages, and it may be the only way to hold onto e-mails that are stored on services like Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Gmail, because they don't exist on the hard drive, only on the remote server. Before you do, however, make sure you visit with your attorney to confirm that the steps you're taking are legal. Installing the software may be illegal in several states, especially if you are not the owner of the computer.

Many cell phone companies keep records of their customers' specific calling activity, but only for 2-3 months. If you suspect your spouse is having an affair, speak with one of our investigator's.  Our consultation is free.  We also highly advise you to speak with your attorney to proceed with filing the divorce just so our investigators could subpoena your spouse's cell phone records and get usable data for our investigation.