A: Adultery surveillance involves investigative measures used to determine if infidelity in a relationship has occurred. This technique involves an investigator in the field who will track and record the movements and activities of a suspected cheater.
A: Adultery Investigation specializes in cases involving suspected infidelity in relationships. Our representatives are highly experienced in this area and are sure to lend a sympathetic ear in each case. There is no reason to be ashamed, embarrassed, or hesitant. Determining the truth in these types of situations is a natural response to suspicions. What Adultery Investigation will deliver is the truth.
A: Our Adultery Investigation investigators, are confidential in every aspect. Because of this, if it is determined that infidelity did not occur our clients would have risked nothing and only gained peace of mind.
A: Adultery surveillance is 100% legal. Our Adultery Investigation investigators are simply documenting the facts of what is occurring, not breaking any laws.
A: The first step is ensuring that you are working with a trustworthy, straightforward, and licensed investigative agency. Inquire regarding the agency's record of accomplishments and make sure they have the necessary licenses. Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau? Most importantly, do they make you feel comfortable?
A: Adultery surveillance is billed by the hour and a mileage charge is incurred as necessary. Prior to beginning an investigation, a strategy is created and a financial plan regarding costs, payment etc. will be made available to the client.
A: Each client will meet with an Adultery Investigation investigator to determine the times and locations that the surveillance subject or suspected activity is occurring. Any applicable information regarding the subject will be gathered at this time. From the gathered information, a strategy will be formulated based in part on the expert opinions of our investigative team.
A: To begin an Adultery Investigation the investigator will need to determine a complete physical description of the subject along with a photograph. Physical descriptions and/or photographs or friends or relatives that the subject regularly interacts with are also very helpful.

A description of the subject's vehicle including make, model, and license plate number are also necessary.

Locations of places the investigation subject regularly visits are important, as well as when the subject will most likely be at these places.

A: How many investigators are used is determined by the complexity of the case. An individual can be followed from a house by one investigator. Tracking a subject from a very crowded or complicated location may require extra agents. The driving style of the subject also plays a role in determining how many investigators are necessary.
A: Adultery Investigation will initially determine if there is a secure telephone or telephone number at which the client can be reached or on which voicemails can be left without fear of an outside party interfering. If this is not an option, another plan will be devised so we can safely and discreetly maintain communication with our client.
A: When the Adultery Investigation begins, it is important that the client act in a normal manner and do nothing to tip off the subject.
A. Following a subject is a difficult task that takes experience to perfect. Our investigators, in following a subject, make certain that the subject is close enough that he or she will not be lost and simultaneously ensure that the subject has no way of knowing that they are being followed and observed. Occasionally a second investigator is necessary to follow a subject in highly difficult situations.
A: At Adultery Investigation , we stop at nothing to ensure the privacy and security of our investigations.

Adultery Investigation are 100% confidential. If it is suspected that a subject has become aware of the investigation, we will stop and reconfigure our strategy.

A: The evidence we collect is a combination of videotaped surveillance and a written report that provides all details of the investigation. Depending on a clients preference Adultery Investigation can keep this information or give it to the client.