Adultery Employment Background Check

It has been said that a business is only as good as its employees. Nevertheless, who are these employees and what are their backgrounds? Now more than ever, proper screening of employees can deter any potential problems before they arise.

In fact, so much depends upon make sensible and informed hiring decisions that EPIS leaves no stone unturned in investigating employees to whatever extent out client may deem necessary. Our background investigation experts are well trained in discreet, in-depth background checks covering court and driving records, public filing such as bankruptcies defaults or tax liens employment and education verification and credit history, among others.

EPIS also works extensively with companies specializing in accurate, high quality and reasonably priced substance abuse testing

Employment screening is a highly effective way of combating employee fraud and provides an integrity check. Vetting future employees can prevent serious financial and reputation damage. In many parts of the world, there is an increasing regulatory requirement to screen staff and confirm credentials. Furthermore, in the event of litigation the onus is increasingly on employers to demonstrate that they took all reasonable steps to check employee integrity.

During the past few years, EPIS has made the cost of pre-employment screening extremely reasonable. Screenings usually can be completed in 48 hours or less and can be surprisingly comprehensive. EPIS will also give advice on how to save money by determining the level of screening for applicants to specific positions.

Adultery Employment Background Searches Phase I

Phase I Description Cost
Employment Background check
  1. Includes name and Social Security number verification
  2. Includes Social Security fraud scan for aliases, false Social Security numbers and names of relatives
  3. Includes Credit Heathers
  4. Includes Names of Persons at Each Address Where Subject Has Resided. May include spouses, family members and roommates
  5. Includes Current and Previous Addresses. Database returns periods of occupancy
  6. Includes DMV search for vehicles owned (limited states)
  7. Includes Internet Domains
  8. Includes statewide bankruptcies, judgments - with dates and amounts, evictions, foreclosures and tax liens
  9. Includes fictitious business (DBAs), corporate president and agent for service searches, Uniform Commercial Code filings.
  10. Includes Civil Records
  11. Includes Criminal Records (limited states/county)
  12. Includes Sexual & Violent Offenders Multi-State Registry
  13. Includes Wants & Warrants
  14. Includes Arrest Logs
  15. Includes Department Of Corrections Logs
  16. Includes Workers Compensation Check
  17. Official Records Coverage (Florida only)
Fixed Fee $ 395.00