Adultery Computer Monitoring

Does your partner or lover seem excited to be behind the computer when no one else is around? If so, then there's a good chance that, they are doing something you wouldn't approve of.

Wouldn't it be nice to setup a video camera right in front of the computer to see what they are doing on the PC? Well now you can do practically the same thing with a simple software tool. This technology records a cheater's deceitful activities.

Most people who have online affairs are not aware that what they do on their PC can be secretly recorded. Software such as AceSpy can be loaded onto your PC and is 100% invisible. It will secretly capture everything they do online and forward you their emails and chats.

This type of spy software is completely hidden from them, so they won't know its running. Simply install the software, wait until they use the PC, then go back to the PC and enter a secret key sequence. A password box will pop up. Type your password and see what they did!

Also available is remote install software such as SniperSpy, which can be installed by sending the user an email. The user won't know it loaded unless you tell them. You can then monitor the PC from any web browser by logging into an interface showing you all of their online activities.

Are you sure, what your kids are doing behind the computer?

Check out what this actual client had to say about adultery computer monitoring... husband was able to find out who our daughter has been emailing to.  This was a male individual 15 years older than her.

Check out what this actual spouse monitoring customer had to say...

"Thanks to EPIS - adultery computer monitoring. After installing the SniperSpy software, I was able to confirm that my husband was cheating on me AND I had the hard evidence to prove it! THANKS EPIS - adultery computer monitoring for recommending SniperSpy."

- Sandra, CA

Best-Selling Adultery Computer Monitoring Software

Adultery computer monitoring is software for any Windows computer which monitors a suspected cheating spouse. Secretly see everything your significant other does online. Instantly forward their emails and chat conversations to your personal email address. Gets an hourly report email containing everything they do online.

AceSpy Sale Price: $159.95

Cutting-Edge Remote Adultery Computer Monitoring

Sniper Spy - Adultery computer monitoring is remote monitoring software perfect for monitoring a user's activities on an unreachable computer. Install and monitor from anywhere. SniperSpy will allow you to view entire chat conversations, keystrokes, web sites visited and other activities by logging into your private online control panel.

SniperSpy Sale Price: $199.98