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Civil Coverage Area

Statewide Civil Records

Area Description Beginning
Alaska Civil Court Records – Family records 1980
Arizona Civil Court Records – Civil (no probate), small claims, and evictions 1970
Arkansas Civil Court Records – Negligence motor vehicle, bad faith, malpractice, foreign judgment, fraud, products liability, insurance, employment, declaratory judgment, election, writs, civil forfeiture, administrative appeals, unlawful detained, damages prior to FY ’96, incorporation, relevant and promissory notes 1987
Connecticut Civil Court Records – Civil and Family records 1993
Iowa Civil Court Records – Statewide Civil Court records 1998
New Jersey Civil Court Records – Statewide Civil Court Records 1983
New York Civil Court Records – Malpractice, Torts, Vehicle, Uncontested/Contested Matrimonial, Traffic, Probate, Family and more 1980
North Carolina Civil Court Records – Evictions and Tax Liens 1996
Oklahoma Civil Court Records – Statewide Civil Court records including, civil suit, child support, domestic & family, small claims and more 1962
Rhode Island Civil Court Records – Foreclosure, family records, personal injury, injunctive relief, malpractice, property damage, promissory notes, small claims, trespassing, and more 1980
Utah Civil Court Records – Abstract of Judgment, Child Support Lien, Debt Collection, Divorce/Annulment, Eviction, Personal Injury, Tax Liens, Workforce Service Liens and more 2004
Virginia Civil Court Records – Warrant in debts, Unlawful Detainees, Stalking, and Detainee Beginning 1993
Washington Civil Court Records – Civil and small claims cases, family, tort, divorce, breach of contract, and automobile damages 1997

Countywide Civil Records


Area Description Beginning
MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ Civil Court Records – Civil actions, guardianship, probate, paternity and more 2003


Area Description Beginning
FRESNO COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Civil, civil limited, family law, family support, juvenile, probate and small claims 1976
KERN COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Dissolution of Marriage, Child Support, Family Law, Personal Injury, Probate, Small Claims, and more 1977
LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Civil, small claims, and probate records 1993
MARIN COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Civil, Probate, and Small Claims 1984
MENDOCINO COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Civil, Family Law, Probate, Small Claims and more 1992
ORANGE COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Civil, breach of contract, family, fraud, malpractice, foreclosures, personal injury, property damage, small claims and more 1961
SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Civil index and small claims records 1997
SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Adoption, appeals, assault, child support, custody, dissolution of marriage, eviction, foreclosure, malpractice, small claims and more 1930
SAN LOUIS OBISPO COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Civil Court Records – Probate and Small Claims records 1975
SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Civil, civil limited, family law, metal health, probate and small claims 1921
STANISLAUS COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Civil, Family, Probate, Small Claims and Welfare Institutions 1980
VENTURA COUNTY, CA Civil Court Records – Index 1990


Area Description Beginning
ALACHUA COUNTY, FL Civil Court Records – Landlord/Tenant Evictions 1999
BREVARD COUNTY, FL Civil Court Records – Circuit and county civil, eviction, domestic relations, foreclosures, guardianship, medical malpractice, mental health, negligence, probate, and small claims 2003
HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL Civil Court Records – Adoption, civil actions, custody, delinquency, foreclosure, lien, paternity, and more 1973
LAKE COUNTY, FL Civil Court Records – EVICTIONS 2003
ORANGE COUNTY, FL Civil Court Records – Civil Case Dispositions 1993


Area Description Beginning
Civil Court Records – Chancery, Domestic Relations, Law, and Municipal Divisions1939


Area Description Beginning
SAGINAW COUNTY, MI Civil Court Records – General Civil, Landlord/Tenant, Small Claims and more 2003


Area Description Beginning
HARRISON COUNTY, MS Civil Court Records – Breach of Contract, Debt Collection, Garnishment, Negligence, and more 2000
HINDS COUNTY, MS Civil Court Records – Appeals, Complaints, Foreign Judgment, Petitions, and more 1993


Area Description Beginning
PORTAGE COUNTY, OH Civil Court Records – Eviction, Foreclosure, Money Complaint, Small Claims, and Worker is Compensation, and more 1992


Area Description Beginning
DENTON COUNTY, TX Civil Court Records – Civil, Divorce, Family, Guardianship, Probate, Small Claims and more 2000
EL PASO COUNTY, TX Civil Court Records – Accounts, Contracts & Notes, Bond Forfeiture, Breach of Contract, Divorce, Other Civil, Parent/Child Relationship, Paternity, Personal Injury and more 1979
GREGG COUNTY, TX Civil Court Records – Appeals, civil actions, divorce, guardianship, paternity, probate and more 1980
POTTER COUNTY, TX Civil Court Records – Injury / Damage Motor Vehicle, Other Civil, Workers Compensation and more 1989
VICTORIA COUNTY, TX Civil Court Records – Civil actions, divorce, family law, tax cases, worker’s compensation and more 1989

Patriot Act Sources

  • Australian Reserve Bank Businesses
  • Australian Reserve Bank Individuals
  • Bank of England Sanctions
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission List of Regulatory and Self-Regulatory Authorities
  • Defense Trade Controls (DTC) Debarred Parties
  • FBI Fugitives 10 Most Wanted, Most Wanted Terrorists and Monthly Most Wanted
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Special Alert List
  • Foreign Agent Registrations
  • International Police Most Wanted
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control
  • OFAC – Enhanced Sanctioned Countries
  • Office of Controller of Currency of Unauthorized Banks
  • OSFI – Canada
  • Palestinian Legislative Council
  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • State Department Terrorist Exclusions
  • Terrorists Inside of European Union
  • Terrorists Outside of European Union
  • United Nations Named Terrorists
  • US Bureau of Industry and Security – Unverified Entity List
  • US Bureau of Industry and Security – Denied Entity List
  • US Bureau of Industry and Security – Denied Person List
  • World Bank Ineligible Firms

Official Records Information & Coverage Area

What are Official Records?

Official Records can be several different types of documents. In the State of Florida, Official Records are defined as those instruments required or authorized to be recorded in one general series called “Official Records” at the county level. Document types you might find in an Official Records Search may include, but are not limited to: Affidavits, Agreements, Assignments, Bonds, Certificates, Certified Copies of Court Judgments, Declaration of Condominium, Court Paper, Death Certificate, Deed, Easement, Financing Statement, Judgment, Lien, Lis Pen dens, Marriage Record, Military Discharge, Modifications, Mortgage, Notices, Orders, Partial Releases, Plat Related, Power of Attorney, Probate Documents, Releases, Restrictions, Satisfactions, Terminations and Transfers.

County Start date End date
El Dorado, CA 2000 2006
Riverside, CA 1976 2006
Alachua, FL 1971 2006
Baker, FL 1985 2006
Brevard, FL 1955 2006
Broward, FL 2000 2006
Citrus, FL 1986 2006
Charlotte, FL 1978 2006
Flagler, FL 1988 2006
Hernando, FL 1983 2006
Indian River, FL 1942 2006
Hillsborough, FL 1900 2006
Lake, FL 1986 2006
Marion, FL 1989 2006
Martin, FL 1986 2006
Miami-Dade, FL 1974 2006
Orange, FL 1920 2006
Polk, FL 1990 2006
St. Lucie, FL 1992 2004
Sarasota, FL 2002 2006
Volusia, FL 1988 2006

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