Childcare Investigations & Nanny Background Checks and Background Screening

Who is watching the kids?

Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc., childcare investigations and nanny background check and background screening knows the importance of "Who's watching the kids". At EPIS childcare investigations, we highly recommend our clients to conduct a comprehensive Childcare Investigations or Nanny Background check and Background screening before allowing them to watch your kids.

Why should I conduct a nanny background check or background screening?At EPIS, our agents are continuously conducting Childcare investigations and Nanny Background check and background screening. This search provides inexpensive, fast, and comprehensive screening for babysitters, maids, home nurse, private tutors and other domestics.

Records shows that a great percentage of Nanny background check and background screening performed on childcare and nannies could provide an alarming result. These results could be such as, DUI arrests, theft/embezzlement and assaults or prior criminal history.

Babysitters and maids services have access to your residence; they know your daily routine, family secrets and most important assets - your kids. Our clients in Beverly Hills, CA approach EPIS on a daily bases to perform child care investigations, nanny background checks and background screening for different services, to find out if the individual has a past that puts your kids at risk or are your valuables safe from those you hire into your residence. You will find that our fees are probably the most competitive and our levels of service are the best. At EPIS, each case is handled proficiently and efficiently with experienced in-house tracing team who will keep you informed of progress regularly.

Do you have a Nanny Camera?

Our investigators at EPIS have proven time after time, that installing a Nanny Cam can remove all doubt about your worst fears. When you are at work and someone is providing childcare in your home, you want to know that your kids are receiving the best possible care and or your valuables are protect.

Nanny Background Check and Background Screening / Childcare Investigations

Childcare Screening

Your family is the most important possession that you will ever have. By running the childcare screening search, you are giving yourself the peace of mind. Your family is the most important possession that you will ever have. By running the childcare screening search, you are giving yourself the peace of mind.

Find out if your child's caregiver has a past that puts your child at risk!

Childcare Screening description

EPIS Childcare investigations tool gives a peace of mind by knowing that you are leaving your children in trustworthy hands and never leave your child with a childcare provider without first investigating their background. This is a fast and inexpensive way to protect the ones you love. This is the trusted source for employment investigations, background checks, and people locate services. Since 1993 we have performed over hundred dozen searches, helping our clients make faster, smarter, and safer decisions.

With EPIS investigators, our childcare investigations database is the most professional background check database. We will provide individuals with the information necessary to make informed decisions. Public records can provide information on neighbors, and even peers. Our database crawls over 2 billion reports, providing you with comprehensive results. Public record results provide the queried individual's name, aliases, address history, as well as current contact information.

  1. Includes name and Social Security number verification
  2. Includes Social Security fraud scan for aliases, false Social Security numbers and names of relatives
  3. Includes DMV search for vehicles owned (limited states)
  4. Includes Civil Records
  5. Includes Criminal Records (limited states/county)
  6. Includes Sexual & Violent Offenders Multi-State Registry
  7. Includes Arrest Logs
  8. Includes Department Of Corrections Logs
  9. Includes Workers Compensation Check
  10. Official Records Coverage (Florida Only)

Fixed Fee $239