Missing Persons Investigation

EPIS Missing Persons Investigation welcomes you. Our founder conducts missing person's investigation in the disappearance of missing children and missing adults. We are here to assist you to answer questions in the services offered in regards to kidnappings, runaways, and adult disappearances. Missing PersonsOur advanced missing persons investigation and locate investigation in Los Angeles team at Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc., will provide you with an updated current address for the individual you are seeking. We can start the trace with as little information as a full name but sometimes may require a little more.

With missing persons investigation, Empire Pacific Investigative Services, Inc., is confident in our ability to trace a high percentage of people where others have failed.

You will find that our fees are probably the most competitive and our levels of service are the best. One of our highly trained handles each case proficiently and efficiently, and experienced in-house tracing team who will keep you regularly informed of progress.

If in the unlikely event that we are unable to positively locate the individual being traced, we will return a no trace report and in many instances, we will provide you with details directly relating to the extensive investigation carried out which will assist you with any further trace attempts or help you decide which course to take

Missing person investigation

A missing person is a person who has disappeared for usually unknown reasons. Missing persons' photographs may be posted on bulletin boards, milk cartons, postcards, and websites, along with a phone number to be contacted if a sighting has been made. People disappear for many reasons. Some individuals choose to disappear alone; most of these soon return. About 10 percent of missing persons in the United States never return, however.] Reasons for non-identification may include:

  • Leaving home to live someplace else under a new identity.
  • Becoming the victim of kidnapping.
  • Abduction (of a minor) by a non-custodial parent or other relative.
  • Suicide in a remote location or under an assumed name.
  • Victim of murder (body disguised, destroyed, or hidden).
  • Mental illness can cause someone to become lost, or they may not know how to identify themselves.
  • Death by natural causes (disease) or accident far from home without identification.
  • Disappearance in order to take advantage of better employment or living conditions elsewhere.
  • Sold into slavery, serfdom, sexual servitude, or other un-free labor.
  • Joining a cult or other religious organization.
  • To escape domestic abuse.
  • To avoid discovery of a crime or apprehension by law-enforcement authorities.

EPIS Missing Person Investigations Guide

  • Our fugitive recovery private investigators are experts at locating fleeing criminals and debtors.
  • We have the capability to search by air, land, sea and we use a number of vehicles to search areas the average person has no access to.
  • We networking with other private investigators or paying informants.
  • WE will conduct surveillance and videotape and observe places where a missing person is likely to be or can observe and track a suspect in a missing person's case.
  • We will search hospitals, mortuaries and search through a number of facilities where a victim may be.
  • We will conduct our due diligence on background checks, questioning witnesses, and other investigative techniques.
  • We will turn to others to isolate likely suspects or likely sources of aid in finding a missing person.

Since every missing persons investigation case is unique, we highly recommend that you contact one of our investigators, regarding your situation, so that we could indicate the type of investigation will work best for you.

Your call is strictly confidential and our toll free nationwide number 888.404.EPIS888.404.EPIS FREEfacsimile: 888.329.EPIS888.329.EPIS FREE, or e-mail us at info@epis.us.

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