Investigative Litigation Support

Before litigation begins, all pieces of puzzle must be in place. That is why legal firms and lawyers engaged in individual practice alike turn to EPIS to provide a myriad of relevant material for the impending case.

EPIS litigation support assists its clients by gathering and producing evidence, interviewing, witnesses, conducting asset searches and jury surveys, analyzing, locating and tracing asset, and in general working without clients in providing all necessary investigative and research services.

Follow through and preparation of documentation is, of course, included in EPIS thorough and comprehensive litigation support.

  • Evidence Gathering

    EPIS have considerable experience in gathering and collating information and, where necessary, attending court to present our evidence. Audio evidence can be produced in the format requested, video and photographs presented with accompanying report.

  • Neighborhood Reports

    EPIS prepare detailed documentation for prospective property purchasers, listing information not found within standard surveyors reports. Information uncovered will include neighbors and neighborhood disputes, traffic problems at different times of day, crime rates, quality of local schools and hospitals and any other unusual problems in the area

Below are some cases, which EPIS litigation support has conducted:

  • Condor Insurance Company vs. Nicholas Neu

    In 1996, we provided litigation support to a large California insurance company that had been the victim of a multi-million dollar embezzlement of policyholder fees by a broker.

  • Bre-X Minerals, Inc

    EPIS was the primary investigative body on one of the largest gold mining frauds in world history with shareholder loses exceeding $6 billion. The 1997 investigation occurred in the countries of Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, The Grand Cayman Islands, and the United States.

  • Engle vs. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, ET. al.

    In 1999, we provided litigation support to law firms representing the big three tobacco companies with litigation support on a $150,000,000,000 class action lawsuit filed against them by over 500,000 plaintiffs in the state of Florida.

  • Mirage Resorts, Inc. vs. Trump Hotel & Casino Resort,

    In 1999 EPIS was the lead investigative firm for the Mirage Corporation on a lawsuit accusing Trump Hotels & Resorts, Inc. of violating the federal Trade Secrecy Act and Anti-Trust violations.

Below are other services that E.P.I.S. Inc., specializes under

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