Marital Decoys & Infidelity Checks

Decoy Investigation and Marital Decoys are a sub-division of Empire Pacific Investigative Services. A leading Licensed & Bonded Private Investigation Firm with offices located in California, Florida, Virginia, Oklahoma. Our goal is to make sure every client is provided with trustworthy, licensed, lawfully compliant private investigator, with uncompromising excellence and results.

EPIS has a world-wide network of private investigators as decoys with female operatives in various part of the state. Our exotic glamorous Decoy Private Investigations are performed with reliability; using professional undercover exotic Decoy Investigators our exotic Decoys investigators will flirt to test your partner for unacceptable behavior.

With our decoy private investigators and marital decoys, EPIS uses experienced male and female decoy private investigators when other conformist methods are not applicable within our client's budgetary funds or with a blend of other investigative methods.

Have you ever asked yourself if your spouse or partner might be unfaithful to you? Do you wonder or question what he or she, is really doing on those "poker nights" or at the "Gym" or when they have "boys or girls night out"? If you have answered YES to these questions, contact one of our licensed agents at EPIS for a free consultation, so we can put your mind at ease!

Marital Decoys and Infidelity Checks

A very effective investigative tool is the use of marital decoys or infidelity checks, Infidelity Investigation which will put your spouse to the "test." Our marital decoys and infidelity checks private investigators are seasoned licensed investigators, Infidelity Investigation which you can have your choice for male or female decoys. The decoys will screen for marital/relationship information and inappropriate behavior.

On some case, Infidelity Investigation the Marital Decoys or the Infidelity Check Decoy might not decide with your idea on using a decoy. Here is why do we choose not to use Surveillance decoys or infidelity checks? We do not use San Bernardino Surveillance decoys or Marital decoys for several important reasons.

E.P.I.S. Inc., Infidelity Investigation has the experience to carry out our investigations in a qualified, Infidelity Investigation legal manner. We have found on some occasions and specific cases, Infidelity Investigation that using a Marital Decoy and infidelity checks could cause new issues or it might create an existing relationship problem in a way that degrades an already difficult situation.

What are infidelity checks?

Infidelity checks and decoy investigators are used to determine if your spouse or partner are faithful, or if they take the bait and fall into the next level. Clients usually ask us, do decoy investigators just flirt, or do they take it to the next phase. Our licensed decoy investigators are insured and bonded with over 10 years of experience. Our decoy agents will find out and gather as much information as possible without any suspicion.

Why are infidelity checks beneficial?

From our experiences, it has been proven that, if your spouse or partner is consistently flirting more than usual, they will usually take it to the next level, no just talking or having drinks. Unfortunately, once someone seriously suspects infidelity, more often than not his or her suspicions are correct. We recognize that hiring a private investigator to watch your loved one is not an easy task, but you feel that you might be going behind the persons back. At EPIS, we will get the proof that you need, and let us end your fear and anxiety and get you the truth. Call our toll fee number or for more detail information on this investigation, select the like above.

Since every case is unique, we highly recommend that you contact one of our investigators, regarding your situation, so that we could indicate the type of investigation will work best for you.