Brand Protection Management System

At Empire Pacific Investigative Services, Inc., monitoring and brand protection programs will give you security and keep thieves away. Our seasoned agents will help you:

  • Brand protection strategy consulting
  • Advice on IP registration and protection measures
  • Inquiries into rogue registration of patents & trademarks
  • IP due diligence into suppliers, distributors & third party manufacturers
  • Market surveys and market monitoring
  • Verification of in-house teams' investigation, raid & seizure operations
  • Anti-counterfeit information management
  • Piracy investigations & coordination of multiple raid actions
  • Evidence collection, pretext purchases, sting operations and proof of use
  • Intellectual property litigation intelligence gathering
  • Quantification of loss
  • Local and international lobbying, and alliance building
  • Coordination of anti-counterfeiting publicity campaigns
  • Provision of technical analysis of seized computer evidence

If you're concerned about your brand management protection and are interested in our Internet monitoring programs, take the next logical step. Give Empire Pacific Investigative Services, Inc, a call today to find out how we can ease your mind and protect your company from the destruction of Internet thieves.