Fraud Investigation

We have considerable expertise in the investigation of internal losses and will always report our Fraud Investigationfindings directly to the client before taking further action. Our investigators are capable of conducting Investigative Interviews using a variety of different interview models, taking lucid, comprehensive, and succinct statements and/or proofs of evidence to standards acceptable to Counsel, Civil, and Criminal Courts. If necessary, such statements will be supported by our staff giving evidence at the relevant Court.

Where there are unsatisfactory profits, persistent shortages are occurring or there are unexplained stock losses, there is a need for senior management to address these problems. One of the most effective measures is to introduce a trained investigator on to the payroll as an ordinary employee, who then becomes the eyes and ears of management, in the vulnerable areas.

Our investigators are trained to operate undercover, to identify where and how dishonesty is occurring and who the perpetrators are. Losses are not caused by dishonesty alone and, where deliberate waste and damage or abuse of working hours is taking place, this is identified.

All our services are driven by an abiding customer ethic, designed from the outset to meet the strategic aims of our clients who require the support of a discrete specialist investigative resource.

On completion of an assignment, we recommend what systems and processes need to be introduced to prevent the recurrence of the problem, thereby ensuring the future protection of the business and its assets.

Since every fraud investigation case is unique, we highly recommend that you contact one of our investigators, regarding your situation, so that we could indicate the type of investigation will work best for you. Your call is strictly confidential and our toll free nationwide number 888.404.EPIS facsimile: 888.329.EPIS, or e-mail us at

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