Undercover Operations

Being undercover is disguising one's own identity or using an assumed identity for the purposes of gaining the trust of an individual or organization to learn secret information or to gain the trust of targeted individuals in order to gain information or evidence.

Undercover Operation means an investigation involving a series of related undercover activities over a period of time by an undercover employee. For purposes of These Guidelines, a "series of related undercover activities" generally consists of more Than three separate substantive contacts by an undercover employee with the Individual under investigation. However, undercover activity involving sensitive or Fiscal circumstances constitutes an undercover operation regardless of the number of Contacts involved. A contact is "substantive" if it is a communication with another Person, whether by oral, written, wire, or electronic means, which includes information of Investigative interest.

Undercover Operations are essential to the detection, prevention, and prosecution of white collar crimes, public corruption, terrorism, organized crime, offenses involving controlled substances, and other priority areas of investigation. However, these techniques inherently involve an element of deception and may require cooperation with persons whose motivation and conduct are open to question, and so should be carefully considered and monitored.

With EPIS undercover agents, we can help uncover theft of products or equipments, drug usage and dealing in work place, sexual harassment in bars, restaurants and offices and other problems that may confront your establishment. A well-planned undercover operation can be important to keep your company free from these types of embarrassing and costly problems. It is always clear that during the course of an undercover investigation that the only way to find either the source or the extend of the problem within the organization is to insert one of our undercover investigators.

Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc., undercover investigators are discreet, professionally conducted, and legal. The undercover investigation will normally be carried out by one of our representatives taking an undercover position (posing as a co-worker, contractor, client, friend etc.). Vital evidence will be obtained as the undercover agent mixes and recorded on audio and/or video tape, together with detailed case notes. The evidence will be presented and if necessary interviews can then be carried out to obtain further information.

Issues where and undercover operation could resolve your problems:

  • If you suspect that a crime is being conducted in your organization
  • Theft of equipments / products
  • Employees using drugs in work place
  • Employees distributing drugs and sale at the work environment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Steeling ideas or products to competitors before being introduced.
  • Fraud
  • Workplace Violations
  • General Intelligence
  • False details / time log-hours being submitted.
  • Delivery and transport drivers falsified information.

E.P.I.S. undercover investigators report daily to their manager to review the day's events. We will provide you with the intelligence needed to address a specific problem on any instances of major policy violations or illegal activity. Our investigators will provide timely written reports to keep you informed as to what has been discovered and at times several text messages will be send as well during the course and will advise in the next phase of the investigation based on the information gathered. At Empire Pacific Investigative Services, Inc., we have the most sophisticated surveillance equipments such as wired camera's, audio devices and long range camera's for those cases that is needed.