Do It Yourself Partner Surveillance

If you are in doubt about whether your spouse or partner is cheating on you, it's a good time to take some action about what you are unsure of. Some of our clients just need clarification or reassurance about their spouse or lover, but if you put it off and constantly thinking about it, you will end up going mad.

We highly recommend recruiting one of Empire Pacific Investigators to assist you for spousal surveillance before you get yourself in trouble by doing it yourself. If you think that, you must do surveillance yourself or partner before taking a professional assistance we can give you a few tips.

These tips are to be used with your discretion and we cannot be liable for your misuse of any of the ideas and tips we suggest! Remember that it is best to let one of EPIS professional agents to handle surveillance.

It is easier for one of our experienced private investigator to do surveillance and track a cheating spouse or lover because they don't get emotionally involved in it. You are at a disadvantage because of you emotional involvement and you will probably not make calm reasonable judgment but will act in a rash way on things you see or suspect. At this time, we suggest that you start looking for obvious signs like if they have changed interest in sex or if they now want to experiment in new things sexually. One of the things a partner gets in the initial days of becoming a cheater is an increased libido from the excitement.

We also suggest looking for suspicious marks like red love marks on their upper body or if they are having an affair you need to check to see if they have any excess juices in their underwear. Check their credit card statements for things that wouldn't normally be there like hotels of large unexplained cash withdrawals for presents or hotel rooms.

EPIS agents, suggests that you do not confront a partner immediately before having enough evidence in your hands. There are several ways of retrieving these evidences.

One logs the mileage of their vehicle to see if it fluctuates in an unusual manner such as if they have just been to the mall or to their meeting. If there is a sizable amount of extra mileage on it, where it can not be explained, this could raise a red flag.

If you have all the signs of the red flag and much more and still in doubt about doing surveillance yourself, please contact one of the EPIS agents for assistance.