All different type of Surveillances

Surveillance involves monitoring the movements or affairs of a person or persons. The most common types are aural or visual surveillance (or a combination of both); using a range of surveillance devices, though some types of surveillance cannot be categorized as either aural or visual.

If all other options have been exhausted, discreet surveillance can be the only way to find out what you want to know. Using some of the latest technologies, we observe the movements of an individual or individuals to gather video and photographic evidence. Once we have gathered enough necessary evidence, we supply you with a detailed report together with the evidence.

Discretion supersedes all other aspects in surveillance cases and you can be assured that Empire Pacific Investigative Services will go to length to obtain the information that you require.

Maybe your partner is not being as faithful and honest as you, business associate might be trying to defraud you or perhaps someone you care about has started a habit that is going to be harmful to them. You need to be absolutely certain before you take any action, but what if you are certain yet unable to prove it?

Before you can confront someone you are in a relationship with, albeit in business or your personal life, you need to have all the facts.

Corporate Surveillance

If an employee is suspected of being less than honest, covert observation / surveillance provides the objective proof management needs to make decisions

To clarify whether employees are as incapacitated as they say they are or to identify partners' activity and contacts. EPIS provide the evidence in photo or video formats

We supply private investigation anywhere in the US - we are simply known as Empire Pacific Investigative Services. To hire one of our agents, please call the toll free number below. We cater for all your investigation needs, including: background checks, surveillance investigation, divorce, financial, international investigations, missing persons, insurance fraud, divorce, crime and almost anything else you may require.


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Small enough to care - Confidential, sensitive, discretion and judgment, Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc., delivers.

Top 10 reasons why people have been using Empire Pacific Investigative Services, Inc., to the last 15 years.

  • Infidelity related cases
  • Background checks investigation on partners, potential partners business or personal.
  • Location people (skip Tracing). Our people finder services finds lost loves, debtors and relatives.
  • Matrimonial investigation related case (family law)
  • Teenage and activities of young adults
  • Mystery shopping - businesses using us to find out the activities/pricing of competitors.
  • Debugging and bug finder services, anti stalking and harassment advice, consultation on who's bugging you.
  • Internet affairs - affairs, identities and who they really are on the other side.
  • Lie Detection - use of the polygraph exam to find out if you are being lied to about Infidelity/theft and other deceptions.