Business Identity Investigation

At EPIS, our agents are continuously conducting Business Identification searches. This search is useful in situations where an individual needs to know the exact legal status, ownership, and location of a company. You also may have a consumer dispute or a legal action against the company or you may need to determine if a business is a fictitious business, a corporation, or a limited partnership, etc. You may need to know how to contact the owner or proprietor of a business to acquire that business or form an association with them.

You will find that our fees are probably the most competitive and our levels of service are the best. One of our highly trained handles each case proficiently and efficiently, and experienced in-house tracing team who will keep you regularly informed of progress.

  • Database searches to determine identity, location, and legal status of business or company
  • Includes unique address history scan searches
  • Includes Dun & Bradstreet
  • Includes Delaware Corporation
  • Includes Internet Domains
  • Includes National UCC Fillings
  • Includes limited partnerships, statewide professional licenses, Board of Equalization & Alcoholic Beverage Control Licenses, FAA Aircraft, watercraft, pilot licenses
  • Includes fictitious business (DBAs), corporate president and agent for service searches

Fixed Fee $125