Detection of Covert Monitoring Devices

In today's fast paste and high demands for faster and better computers, most companies are well aware of the risk of data security from a computer virus and effective counter measures are widely available. Less well known, is the risk posed by covert monitoring devices and software. These devices, or software applications, can be installed in keyboards or hard drives and log all keystrokes from the moment the computer is turned on. They are typically used to capture passwords, test keys, or other confidential information.

Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc. has conducted extensive research in this field and can provide a service that will examine at risk computers in order to detect the use of these devices or software applications.

Some of the software applications are extremely "stealthy" and specialist tools are required to detect them.

Any company that is concerned about the security of its electronic data, or relies on passwords to protect applications, should consider contacting one of our agents at 1888.404.EPIS for this service.