Investigative Services

Infidelity Investigation

Unfortunately, once someone seriously suspects infidelity, more often than not his or her suspicions are correct. We recognize that hiring a private investigator to watch your loved one is not an easy task, and you may feel that you might be going behind the persons back. At EPIS, we will get you the proof that you need the evidence to document it, and the peace of mind that comes from finally knowing the truth. Despite the fact that spousal investigation is one of the primary reasons private investigators are sought out, investigators report that clients working with them for help with domestic matters often are reluctant or are embarrassed to share personal problems. The truth, however is that there is no reason to be shy about seeking out a private investigator. At EPIS, our investigators are highly experienced in cheating spouses and infidelity surveillance case and achieve results quickly and efficiently, and these results can dramatically improve your life.


Surveillance is an EPIS specialty. We are highly experienced in all type of surveillance, including the placement of agents within organizations to detect theft, malpractice, insurance surveillance and for most spousal surveillance cases. Past cases have included investigators detecting espionage, larceny, and malpractice. Our investigators are equipped with most advanced tools necessary to capture evidence in nearly any imaginable surveillance scenario. We have a vehicle for every situation involving "tailing", or the following of a subject. We offer remote video surveillance using covert video cameras, long-range photo, and body worn hidden cameras to produce all the necessary evidence. Our surveillance investigators have climbed into hollowed-out trees; ridden bicycles; motorcycles; walked dogs and used many other creative techniques, and they never trespass or break any harassment or anti-stalking laws while doing so.

Child Support Investigation

Child support is defined as the obligation a parent has regarding the care and financial support of children of a relationship that has ended. Unfortunately there are many instances where one parent refuses to fulfill these obligations. Most state child support enforcement agencies do not have the resources to track down parents who evade their support obligations. However, if you locate the deadbeat, the state will close in immediately and collect the money owed. EPIS child support investigations connect you to every state agency responsible for collecting child support. Using our sophisticated network of investigators as well as governmental contacts we will track down the parent, locate and obtain information regarding their assets, and make certain that their responsibilities regarding their children are fulfilled by providing court admissible evidence.

Asset Research

Empire Pacific Investigative Services Asset Research Team, locates property records and vehicle registrations, and can aid in collecting money owed to you. We custom tailor every asset search to your specific needs. Whether Pre-Litigation or Post-Judgment collection, we are able to uncover hidden assets. Assets can be money in banks, stocks and bonds, that new car with no lien on it or anything that someone can attach. Your bedroom set, your living room furniture. Everything you own is an asset. Your $750,000 home is an asset. If you are in need of collecting debts owed to you EPIS will provide the answers necessary for finding and recovering what you are owed. At EPIS, it is our opinion that timing is of the essence as debts our clients seek to recover may be lost if not located in time. Because of this we offer an expedited 24-hour recovery service that will provide the most efficient and timely results.

Missing Person Searches

Our advanced trace team at Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc. will provide you with an updated current address for the individual you are seeking. We can start the trace with as little information as a full name but sometimes may require a little more. At EPIS, we are highly confident in our ability to trace a high percentage of people where others have failed. In the unlikely event that we are unable to positively locate the individual being traced, we will return a no trace report and in most instances we will provide you with details directly relating to the extensive investigation carried out which will assist you with any further trace attempts or help you decide which course.

Background Check

EPIS Database Research Division offers its clients timesaving, cost-effective, and competitively prices. This service is divided into individuals and business probes, encompassing the western, Western, Midwest, Central, and Eastern Region. Our background investigation experts are well trained in discreet, in-depth background checks covering people locators, background research, insurance investigations check, employment screening, pre-trial preparation checks, due diligence inquiries, database searches, state specific investigations, and business identity research.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud and exaggerated claims affect all insurers and insured. The need to investigate can cause inconvenience and stress to genuine claimants at a time when they need support most. Investigation is critical in evaluating the validity of a worker's compensation claim. Interviews and video surveillance are a critical part of the claims process. In many cases, an outside private investigator can be a cost effective way to determine if further investigative efforts are needed.

Sub Rosa videotape, photograph, or eyewitness testimony provides valuable evidence to support or impeach a claimant's testimony. Providing clear, steady videotape under difficult circumstances separates EPIS from other investigative agencies. It is not unusual for our investigators to procure videotape of claimants shopping in supermarkets, home improvement centers, auto supply stores, and malls. In situations where videotaping is too risky, EPIS investigators provide a detailed written report of their observations and are available to testify in court.

Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc. is a full service licensed, Insured and bonded private investigation agency. Our National Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, CA and our parent company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Overseas, we are a registered company under the name of Empire Pacific Group in Australia and the Philippines.

Below are the lists of areas that Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc., covers within 8-24 hours response time.

To indemnify compliance with all local policy, all investigators remain regionally licensed and insured individually. Depending on regional requirements, each private investigator may be licensed and insured individually and may act as a sub-contractor. In other areas they may be regionally licensed as an individual but employed directly as EPIS Inc., staff. Regardless of the technical method of maintaining each EPIS regional agents. All private investigators must meet and maintain EPIS rigid standards of quality. EPIS nationwide services remains focused on getting results one case at a time.