International capabilities are at the forefront of any discerning investigative agency. At Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc., our employees and associates are not only well versed in the laws and internationalunique characteristics of other countries, but they also operate within the framework of worldwide intelligence.

With proprietary offices in the United States as well as in Asia and Australia, and associated offices throughout Europe, Canada, and the Middle East, EPIS serves multinational companies, both large and small. Our clients include private industry, government, legal and financial institutions and major corporations.

EPIS employees and associates have held sensitive positions in government and industry requiring full security clearances. Language capabilities include Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Here are list of our international contact information:

Empire Pacific Group Consulting Svcs.
Empire Pacific Protective Svcs.
2nd Floor, Maxsalome Condominium
457 Barangka Drive
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Tel: (632) 917-540-3561
Fax: (632) 747-8712
Empire Pacific Investigative Svcs.
dba: Dalmore Security Pty, Ltd
56 Selwyn Street
Paddington, NSW 2021
Tel: 61 29 332-4816
Fax: 61 29 931-4903
Registration No. U7949827