CASE STUDIES - Adultery Investigator

1. For peace of mind...

A female individual contacted EPIS about her husband's recent interest in attending nightclubs with his friends while she was away on work activities. She instructed adultery investigators to conduct surveillance on a Saturday night which resulted in investigative operatives attending numerous night clubs throughout the evening.
To our clients pleasure we were able to inform him that her husband showed no interest in socializing with females who had attempted to approach him during the night. The client's husband was more interested in socializing with his friends then dancing.

2. Confirmation

A female client contacted EPIS adultery investigators and instructed us to conduct surveillance on her ex husband. The couple had been considering getting back together; however our client had suspicions that he was presently courting several other women. A period of surveillance was completed. On two separate occasions a video was exposed of the client's husband in close intimate relations with different women.

This unfortunate news provided the confirmation of our client's suspicions and enabled her to move on with her life.

3. In the matter of a Divorce

A male individual contacted EPIS adultery investigators and informed us that he and his wife were commencing divorce proceedings. Both parties wanted custody of their two children. He instructed us to conduct surveillance on his wife which soon confirmed she had an alcohol and gambling problem. Video evidence was later produced during court proceedings which greatly assisted the judge in determining the custody of the children and various financial settlements.

EPIS adultery investigators were recently sent on a Luxury Cruise Ship to conduct surveillance on a Male Client's Fiancé who had decided to take a holiday with her three girlfriends before she got married. Our Operatives posed as holiday makers onboard the Ship whilst keeping a close eye on the subject. EPIS adultery investigators were able to obtain footage with concealed cameras which revealed our subject cheating on our client with various other patrons onboard the ship. This footage and other evidence provided the client with the information he needed to call off the wedding and save himself the turmoil he would experience further down the track, if he was to discover this characteristic about his partner after they had been married.

Below are some other pictures of the cases that we had discovered infidelity as our client emailed the pictures.


"I am pleased to recommend EPIS - Adultery investigators to anyone who might benefit from their services. Recently, my wife and I were having difficulties after 16 years of marriage. A former colleague of hers began aggressively pursuing her. I retained EPIS to learn what was going on. They responded quickly and professionally. They provided timely feedback and were always able to adjust to my schedule, even on short notice. Because of the thorough, professional work of EPIS, I was able to learn exactly what was and was not going on."

"I would have never recognized my fiancé cheating on me in Beverly Hills without your help. As it turns out, he was dating this individual for a period of time and now which was one of his best friend's wife. Thank you for great work

__Gloria in NY

Infidelity Investigation

Unfortunately, once someone seriously suspects infidelity, more often than not his or her suspicions are correct. We recognize that hiring a private investigator to watch your loved one is not an easy task, but you feel that you might be going behind the persons back. At EPIS, we will get the proof that you need, and let us end your fear and anxiety and get you the truth. Call our toll free number or for more detail information on this investigation, select the like above.