Counter Surveillance

Investigation of modern crimes such as extortion, robbery, kidnapping, murder and break-ins, has proven that the criminals usually apply to their victims traditional surveillance procedures and methods. They discover the victims' routes, amount of guards, working schedules and breaks, etc... it is hard and sometimes even impossible to discover that you are under surveillance without professional assistance, the best way to get rid of surveillance is to use professional counter-surveillance service. EPIS has a special unit specializing in this type of service.

Counter Surveillance Investigation

Counter surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as bug sweeping, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices and visual surveillance devices. More often than not, counter surveillance will employ a set of actions that, when followed, reduce the risk of surveillance.

Counter surveillance is the art of performing surveillance on those who are performing surveillance themselves and is used to ensure that the target is not being followed or under surveillance from another source. For instance, on one of the Counter surveillance cases, our client hired one of our counter surveillance private investigators to watch see who was following him, he become aware that someone is following him around and videotaping his activities. The client then hired Counter Surveillance investigators to identify the people watching him and to determine who hired them.

In another case, Counter surveillance is used in cases where someone may be stalking another person. Stalkers attempt to follow and determine the patterns and activities of their targets. Counter surveillance can be used to determine who is responsible for the stalking without alerting the stalker or causing the stalker to withdraw. If the stalker withdrew, it would make it impossible to identify and neutralize their threat. Counter surveillance is an extremely difficult surveillance operation. Not only is the investigator attempting to perform surveillance on someone that may be proficient in surveillance techniques themselves, but they must do it without being detected during times when that person is performing surveillance and is, therefore, actively monitoring their surroundings.

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