Private Investigator San Diego

For a highly skilled, experienced, and accomplished private investigator in San Diego, more people are turning to our services here at Empire Pacific Investigative Service (EPIS). Ever since we first opened our doors in 1993, we have worked hard to earn a solid reputation for personalized service and unmatched efficiency. In large part due to a wave of positive word-of-mouth, people are flocking to our talented team at EPIS for a wide range of investigative services.

At EPIS private investigator in San Diego is uniquely trained to assist you in a number of ways. Suspect your significant other or spouse of infidelity? This is an area in which we get a lot of requests, and we have a tremendous success rate finding out the truth for our clients and bringing them closure, one way or another. Planning to hire a new employee and want a reliable background check? We have considerable experience in employee screening, and we can also aid you in investigations of current employees you may suspect of misappropriating funds or confidential information. The list of services goes on and on. Contact us directly to find out more about what an EPIS private investigator in San Diego can do for you.